Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Don't let hay fever ruin your make-up

I don’t mind taking pills when I’m unwell, but I don’t like taking medication all the time. So when I found out there was an alternative to regular hay fever medication I was intrigued to say the least!

There is nothing worse than making your make-up look beautiful and then sneezing and having mascara all over your face!! Nightmare.  So I needed to find an alternative, I’ve recently started to take Quercetin instead of my regular antihistamines. What I love about Quercetin is that it is naturally derived from plant pigments found in apples, onions and black tea. 

The over the counter antihistamines which I usually take block histamines (responsible for runny nose/ sore throat and itchy eye symptoms), which in turn creates the dangerous sedative effect. Quercetin from Nature’s Best doesn’t block the histamines, but instead reduces their release into the body altogether – meaning no drowsy feeling! Quercetin is the natural way to treat hayfever and relieve its associated symptoms.

You’d have to eat 1kg of apples to get the same amount of Quercetin as there is in Nature’s Best Quercetin capsules. I love apples, but there is a limit! 

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