Friday, 4 February 2011

Bagatidy - What a clever idea!

I just had to share this with you girls – it’s such a clever idea!!

Research shows that the average woman spends a whopping 76 days of her lifetime rummaging in her handbag!!Seems utterly insane right? 

The Bagatidy comes in a range of colours and fabrics so you can chose one that suits your own style! Denise Welch and Lorraine Kelly both swear by this product. So if you’re losing precious hours trying to locate your keys or your phone then this could be just what you need!! It has 14 pockets, so there’s room for your lipsticks, phone, cards and pens. There’s even a special hidden pocket for credit cards, pills or other personal items and all Bagatidy’s also incorporate an integral key holder. What I love about the Bagatidy is that you can quickly transfer all your items from one bag to another without accidentally forgetting your purse or your keys!

They cost less than £20 and are available online from

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