Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Pores - the bane of my life! I've got quite large pores on my nose (I say large, they're not huge but I am quite prone to blackheads :() I use Biore nose strips but they're very expensive, they work out about £1 a strip... so when I saw these in M&S I thought I'd give them a go:
Beauty Care Nose Pore Strips, 6 for £3, so they're less than half the price of the Biore ones! They claim to instantly clean clogged pores and help to remove blackheads, and are a larger size for a better fit. I've tried these out twice now (one week apart), they're pretty good, though not too strong - so I'd recommend putting them on after a hot shower and an exfoliate to really get a deep clean! Then feel satisfied having a look to see if any blackheads are on the nose strip (Ewwww? C'mon I know you all look!)

Have you got any recommendations?
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