Sunday, 26 October 2014

Athens Center Square Hotel Review

Whilst on my recent travels to Athens, to visit my friend Grace, we spent the weekend in the the Centre of Athens, in the fantastically located Athens Center Square Hotel.

Athens Center Square Hotel is situated at the heart of the city, a short walk from Monastiraki station. The hotel is easy to find, as you come out of the station turn left and walk straight along the road - you will soon notice signs on kiosks directing you to the hotel. If you arrive during the week, or on a Saturday, a good pointer to know you're in the right place is the bustling fruit market directly outside the hotel. Note: if you arrive on the Sunday, the market is closed but look out for the bright lights of the hotel!

I don't speak Greek, and I've struggled to learn more than the basics of just hello, please and thank you - such a complex language. I was very appreciative that the staff at the hotel all spoke other languages, and spoke to me fluently in English. I always think it is important to try and learn some phrases in the local dialect, but it's much trickier to learn Greek than say Spanish, French or Italian as the alphabet itself is different.

We stayed in a twin room on the 6th floor, which was of a great size - complete with a full length mirror, a mini fridge, full sized hair dryer, luggage rack, wardrobe (with a light in), good sized safe (I could easily fit my iPad inside, you could probably fit most laptops too), flat screen TV, free wifi, adjustable air conditioning,  a modern bathroom with toiletries and a powerful shower, comfy beds with the huge pillows and an acropolis view!!

Breakfast is served 7-10am, with a vast selection of food being served, options including cereals, eggs, meat, cakes, fruit, yoghurt, juices and hot drinks. The hotel staff were all very accommodating, and quick to replenish the breakfast buffet and to clean the tables as the guests left.

The best part of the hotel, aside from its location, is most definitely the roof top view - a near enough 360 degree view of the city, with stunning views of the acropolis which are breathtaking at night time when it's lit up. The rooftop bar has very reasonable prices, around €4 for a beer and €7 for a large cocktail, and what's great is the bar is exclusively for guests of the hotel so it doesn't get as cramped as some of the other bars in Athens which offer similar views.

I would definitely stay here again, or at another hotel within the same group. The other hotels owned by this group are Hotel Plaka which is located even closer to Monastiraki (but turn right instead of left out of the station) in the beautiful Plaka region, and Hotel Hermes, a modern hotel which is also in the Plaka region.

Holiday in Athens

Last week I flew out to Athens for some much needed sunshine, and to catch up with one of my best friends who recently moved out there for work.

For the first few days I stayed in my friends apartment out in Kifissia, A lovely town north of the city centre, with a family feel to it. We decided to stay in Athens City centre over the weekend, and stayed in Athens Centre Square Hotel, a great hotel situated just 5 minutes from Monastiraki.

I had such a fantastic holiday, which mostly consisted of sight-seeing, eating and a lot of drinking! I'm going to visit Greece again next year, maybe to some of the Islands. Have you ever been?

Friday, 17 October 2014

Vaseline Queen Bee | Ham Yard Hotel London

Last week myself, Kirsten and a host of London Beauty Bloggers headed over to Ham Yard Hotel for the launch of Vaseline's latest limited edition lip therapy - Queen Bee. Queen Bee, as you may have guessed by the name, is a honey scented Vaseline Lip Therapy, and smells divine.

The event had great cocktails, canapes, a life coach (amazing), a manicure station, a thrown and even a crown - everything you could need to channel your inner Queen Bee!

I had a manicure done in a beautiful yellow, with a glittery gold on top. I also spoke to the life coach, who was inspirational, I have a mini plan in place now too. If you have never tried a life coach before, and are a bit skeptical, don't be. I was... but I am a true convert now, it feels a bit strange at first to talk to someone about your life that you've just met, but it's very liberating.

The product itself: The Limited Edition Vaseline has beautiful packaging in royal black and gold, a delicious scent of honey, and is available to buy now!

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